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Thanks for sharing your valuable time in visiting my blog. I am Rashi and I currently live in Vadodara, a beautiful and multicultural city in the state of Gujarat and needless to say in the most diverse nation of the world, INDIA.
I was born in my native place Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, from where we moved to Assam where my father was posted at that time in a leading oil company. After I crossed two years, I got my biggest gift one could get, my younger brother. We lived in the beautiful and scenic state of Assam for about seven years from where we moved to Mehasana town in Gujarat. I feel blessed to have parents and a brother like mine, in the company of which, I spent the most carefree time of my life. That time just flew away. I moved to Delhi, did my graduation from Delhi university, residing there along with my mother while my father was away fulfilling his job responsibilities. After I completed my graduation, my father got Ahmedabad Gujarat posting. We re-united in Ahmedabad, from where I also did my MBA in retail management. In 2010, I got married in a Rajasthani family. My hubby is a Civil Engineer by profession and in working in a major oil PSU. A year later, I got blessed with a baby girl, the most beautiful possession of my life.

Being a creative person, my instincts never allowed me to lay down idle, doing nothing. I was never a foodie, a gourmet and never in the weirdest of thoughts I imagined that I would start my food blog. Good food never enticed me. I would rather prefer to listen to music or take a nap at my home than going out to eat. But thanks to my hubby for being the hard core foodie he is, coupled with my desire and meticulous nature, this food blog was born. My hubby developed his thorough and particular taste senses through-out his life by the various delicacies he had during his childhood as well as his stay in places like Chandni Chowk, Delhi and Jodhpur, Rajasthan etc to name a few. One cannot make him eat daal-rice or Sabzi-chapatti daily. And if you do, he would himself go to the kitchen and cook, come what may.
That inspired me to explore myself in this field. Food is something which gets cooked at least thrice in every household. Why not make it a hobby, a passion. My hubby’s eternal desire for good food fused with my new found passion for cooking food, decorating and capturing it gave birth to the blog-Tadka Queen.

Prior to my marriage, I never cooked food. But as responsibilities grew, I accepted them and took them in my stride. I learnt cooking majorly from my mother and my mother-in-law. Rather than taking cooking routinely, I tried making it a fun, a playground for my creativity. Since I am fond of photography as well, it helped me immensely in capturing my food photographs beautifully. All the photographs in the blog are clicked by me.
My hubby’s cheering and encouraging quality inspired me for working hard. His longing for various cuisines bought out the best from me. Though still in learning phase, I yearn to learn more and more so that I could provide easy and homely solutions to my follower’s culinary wishes. For that I need support of my fellow bloggers and followers. I believe life is too short and why not make it memorable by the presence and experience of great food. I believe Indian housewives are so immersed in their family and their upkeep and in the process they tend to forget their identity and skills. They are so lost in their daily chores, dedicating whole of the life to their respective families. I aim at bringing the best out of them and keep them motivated by regular honing of their culinary skills that will definitely add up to their confidence and self-satisfaction. Sharing is the key. I learn, I spread. That’s the way we connect and keep in touch.

Good food not only brings a million dollar smile on every face, but it also gives immense satisfaction. Being in a diverse country like India, it gives us enormous opportunity and access to various cuisines.

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.

 Thomas Keller

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